being human; that’s mainstream.

Halloween’s just gone by.  And the masks and makeup’s or even the “demogorgons” from Stranger things isn’t as scary as the people you deal with on a daily basis or people whom you had identified as “friends” till so far.

Being gay isn’t a walk in the park. more so if you are from a third world country like India. living in Bombay makes no appreciable difference.

we have always been conditioned about the hetero-normativity of our society. and as the minority, we queers have to just accept it. the heterosexuals will thrust their “normal” relationships, their “normal” marriages, their “normal” divorces, their normal hook-ups, their normal making outs and ofcourse, we have to accept it and chide along. how can we dare to not do so? but god forbidden, if we even slightly flaunt our relationships (marriage and divorce , obviously can’t happen in india); or talk about our hook-ups or make out ; the disdain and judgements though might not be spoken aloud , but can be vividly seen and thoroughly palpated.

my friends ; or that’s what i used to think of them until halloween’s this year; kept me in an illusion that they are my friends and my sexual orientation has nothing to do with our dynamics. maybe i was naive . and yes maybe i did ignore their cues on how not okay they were and have been always.

the husbands of my girlfriends were not okay with them coming to a gay halloween bash. well yeah, we gay guys would pounce on any male meat that lurks around us and “suck” their life out; wouldn’t we??!! maybe that’s what these stud-husbands thought. or maybe the gay kissing gets them repulsive. since they are the normatives, don’t you forget (eyeroll).or fucking whatever. whatever be their fucked up issue; it certainly isn’t my concern. it becomes mine when it’s blatantly said so in my face. that’s when i feel appalled and cheated.

we are all human beings. being heterosexual doesn’t make anyone superior. and me being gay; doesn’t make me inferior. and i never have considered myself so and i never will. we all co-inhabit this beautiful planet. we have been blessed with the same capabilities. we also have our  flaws. me sucking another man’s dick is certainly not one of them. me kissing another guy is “my” love . me flaunting my date is “my” pride. and it’s just the same as anybody else’s . its important to be a human being. and strive hard , on a daily basis , to be more humane. love and kindness are mainstream and that doesn’t need any identity or orientation.

i haven’t told my friends about how hurt i have been since then. and expectedly, they seem oblivious to it. maybe i will tell them some day, hopingly be more articulate by then; or maybe i will weed them out; which they deserve for being such supreme dickheads.

anyhoo, after an intense first post today, maybe i shall talk about grindr douche-bags next time! or vent  some more anger. don’t know! until then love to everyone . be kind to yourself.




Author: theshinydiaries

Being authentic; one day at a time!

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