Loving my body

Loving my body has always been a challenge for me. The gay world doesn’t make the process easy. Our world, our apps, our media is filled with perfectly sculpted, chiseled bodies. Literally there’s no place for anyone who isn’t an Adonis! We aren’t very kind either, to guys who aren’t looking like greek gods. So growing up I dreamt of a body such as this and whilst doing so hated what and who my body was. I went through the entire rigmarole of gaining muscle. Body shamed me constantly. It was only during my trip to Greece last year, that I had a spiritual awakening. Through my tears, I formed a mind, body and soul connection. Since then I have been more at peace accepting my body for the way it is. I have come to love and respect my slender frame. Yes I do go to the gym; but my reason for going has changed. It’s for my fitness. I am no longer seeking “bulging biceps” and unattainable “six packs” body. I have a vision for my 2020 fitness goal and my fitspiration is me!


Author: theshinydiaries

Being authentic; one day at a time!

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