The guest list by Lucy Foley

This book is a Whodunit thriller. However unlike other books in this genre, Lucy Foley keeps the narration slow paced and meandering at times. The premise is that of a wedding, between the famous and fabulous couple, Jules and Will, all set to happen on a remote, desolate and eerie island off the coast of Ireland. The island is notorious for it’s macabre historical folklore and so are the wedding guests who bring in their own insecurities, fears and malevolence. What follows is a rigmarole of emotions amidst the wedding shenanigans leading to a murder. Apart from the main protagonists, the story is narrated through various other characters, prominent being Olivia (Jules’ step sister), Hannah (the plus one) and Aoife (the wedding planner). The book is atmospheric. A sense of foreboding prevails all through.

Through this story, Lucy Foley, tackles difficult issues such as bullying, sexual assault and chauvinism. It also explores the hardly-discussed fact that how someone’s good looks can be a real privilege in this world. How a person’s beauty can be a ticket to entitlement and an indubitable path to exoneration.

The climax shows someone else getting incarcerated instead of the real murderer, which left me a little discombobulated. Did you feel the same?

It’s a great read still!


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