The last thing he told me

This Reese Witherspoon’s book club pick is a gripping thriller and an absolute page turner to begin with. The story is about Hannah, an American woman who is left shaken and surrounded by mysteries when her husband Owen, suddenly disappears. She has to now unearth the truth in the unending web of lies and deceit and protect her step daughter Bailey. At the same time, Hannah not only has to battle the lingering doubts and rage that Owen’s disappearance has caused but also confront Bailey’s unapologetic rancour for her.

While the unravelling of the mystery is nail biting; the story in itself is too simplistic. The hare-brained climax is a letdown and the complex narrative leading upto it doesn’t do the story justice. And the ludicrous epilogue! Is the author a fan of our Indian soap operas?

The biggest problem I had with the book, was the characters being unidimensional in their personalities and emotions. Hannah who comes from a very troubled childhood, seems to have no remnants of it on her current state. Her emotional frame is forever maternal and absurdly understated for the unfair and dire circumstances she has been forced into. Also, the persistent reverence of Owen feels gratuitous to say the least.

In conclusion, it’s fictitious and delusional. Avoid!


Author: theshinydiaries

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