A woman is no man

Truth can be terrifying and disturbing. That’s why most of us bury our truths in the most subconscious parts of our brains and never ever acknowledge it’s blatant existence. But Etaf Rum does the unimaginable. She portrays the harsh, inhuman lives of Palestinian Arab women living in New York. Through the stories of the mother daughter duo, Isra and Deya, the principal protagonists, she describes a woman’s almost insignificant, inconsequential, secondary existence in the man’s world. The Arab women are supposed to have no voice, live their life pleasing the men in their lives and be baby factories literally. Domestic abuse and marital rape are so normal that the absence of it would be perplexing.

As I read the book, I wondered how different are the lives of Indian women? How are we as a nation different from Palestine in treating our women?

I hang my head in shame.