Thank you, ME

Its been long overdue.

The obligation towards others was genetic.

I wasn’t trained to admire me.

But now that I’m looking ,

I am liking.

I was never my own focus.

Now, i focus on others through me.

I have started listening to you.

Oh ME, don’t i love what you have to say?

Your journey has been fascinating.

From the darkest pits of despair, you have crawled out.

Your bruises are sexy.

You know to love and are so fierce.

And you are here, shining , despite the heartaches.

You are precious.

I like how you are evolving.

You are militant and magnanimous!

Your sins are exemplary.

Your pathos is real.

The melancholy of your survival is romantic.

Oh ME, you are still so enigmatic!

You are unapologetic,

But now there’s no subtext.

Maybe you have started travelling lighter?!

The road ahead looks exciting.

And i promise i will admire you,

Through delight and depravity.

Thank you for having survived.

Thank you for not being a martyr.

Oh ME, thank you !


Author: theshinydiaries

Being authentic; one day at a time!

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