Stripping my clothes;

I lie naked.

For my man of the moment.

Countless days and nights.

I have been naked.

For countless men.

As the men feast on my body;

I feel desired.

I tease them with my nudity.

I provoke.

I titillate.

I like them salivating.

It gives me a high.

I know i am using my body.

Am i being perverse to myself?

Lust compels me.

I give in. Too easily.

My heart tells me;

not everyone should have this kind of access.

But i dismiss that.

Everyone should be able to enjoy.

But do i enjoy?

Or am i forever pretending?

Am i blaming lust for my lack of self worth?

The thoughts are blurry.

Just as the bodies blur in the sweaty haze.

The stranger the person;

The more confident is my nakedness.

Baring bodies has just gotten way too mundane.

And when someone coaxes me,

To bare my soul;

To bare my story, my secrets;

I button up.

Body to body; i am naked.

Mind to mind,

I shudder.


Author: theshinydiaries

Being authentic; one day at a time!

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