Soul ‘tribers’ ahoy!

For years I believed that the one person who would get me and understand me for who I am, would be my romantic partner; a.k.a. my boyfriend or husband. And I never once doubted this belief thanks to the over enthusiastic portrayal of romance and love being akin to ‘soulmate’ , in all our popular media.

Honestly, I always found it funny. Felt stifled.

My ex-romantic partners never ever came close to knowing me ; forget ‘getting’ me or being my soulmate.

I did feel dejected. Also blamed myself. I felt alone. An oddball whom the world would never understand.

And then I met , my now bestie, Edel. For the first time I had found somebody who was willing to listen to me and know me. Now, through our years of friendship, I know for sure she gets me. I don’t have to pretend or put on a facade. I can be truthful about all my flaws, insecurities, quirks, sins, secrets and I know it’s a safe , non judgemental space. (Sorry Edel for this pressure 😌). I also know if I am being stupid, I will be made aware of it without any sugarcoating (but with a lot of eyerolls) ! I can say for sure she’s my soulmate.

Through Edel, very recently I met Jharna. We hardly interacted with each other and never had a chance to know each other, until this trip to Pondicherry !

The three of us took off to pondy and spent four days in utter bliss and warmth of our souls. As I spoke with Jharna, and even though I still don’t know her well enough, I did feel a soul connection with her. I could recognise the same calm feeling I had, when I was with jharna; so similar and identical to the one I have when I am with Edel.

So here are the lovelies who get me. Edel and Jharna. What we share are truths, laughter, tears, respect, joy . We are mindful of each other’s boundaries but ever so expanding and growing due to the resonance between our souls.

They are my soul tribe! My soul family.

We all need to find our tribe. People who would get us without judgements and explanations; who would respect us for our boundaries.

There’s beauty in our soul tribes. The happiness is unbridled.

Thank you my soul ‘tribers’. I love you, respect you and cherish you.


( If you want to see more of us, please go to my YouTube channel: Abhishek Subhash . 😃

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