I no longer identify myself with Bombay or me as a Bombay-ite. This city has changed. I have changed. And so has my love for it. My love for Bombay remains as a memory. I treasure it. It inspires me to love some other city just as much.

I remember how much Bombay resonated with my existence during my teenage years and through my twenties. I dreamt of living, working and driving in the city then. And it’s so wonderful to have see my dreams turned into reality now. But I also feel a nagging sensation. Is this enough? Is this what I truly want?

Nonetheless I have decided to celebrate this reality. So many of us dream of things and situations but when they do occur; we so easily brush past them and don’t acknowledge what it represents.

Here, as I said , it calls for a celebration. And I am going to celebrate ME. It represents my grit, my sweat , my perseverance and my undying love for Bombay that made my dream to fruition.

But Bombay seems distant. It’s not as exciting as it used to be. The city has gotten lost somewhere in the concrete. And the people even more so.

So I am gifting myself the gift of dreams. I sincerely believe I want to be in a different city . This NEW city will flourish me; nourish my soul more than what Bombay is able to do for me now.

As I write a loving obituary for Bombay and all that it meant for me, in my mind; I have realised for a fact, that I am a city slicker. So which city is it going to be!!!?!

Chennai ?





F**k! I love my dreams. 🥰


Author: theshinydiaries

Being authentic; one day at a time!

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